College Arrest 101 Blog | Arrests and Enlisting in the Military

In observance of Veteran's Day today we will discuss issues that college students who may want to enlist in the Military may face after an arrest.  With Military enlistment for college students and recent college graduates on the rise, this topic is even more important to consider if you are a college student with an arrest in your background. Normally, after a college student is arrested the first issue on their mind is their "record" and how the arrest and disposition (outcome) of the criminal case will effect their "record."  The best outcome you could hope for after an arrest [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Important Decisions to Make in a Student Disciplinary Proceeding

Within hours of first receiving notice that the student is being charged with a college or university disciplinary violation, he will be faced with serious decisions that will effect the outcome of the process. The first step in any disciplinary process requires the college or university to provide the student with formal, written notice of the charges against him.  Within a few days of receiving notice of the charges, the student must decide whether to plead guilt (i.e. responsible) or not guilty (not responsible) for the charges.  This first and most important decision is sometimes the most confusing and difficult [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Arrest or Suspension Affects Both Financial Aid and Scholarships

A college student who was arrested has more to worry about than just going to criminal court and the direct consequences of a criminal charge. A student who is arrested may also face discipline at the university level which could result in suspension or expulsion.  Both an arrest and a disciplinary suspension can have serious consequences on a student's financial aid or scholarships. First, if a student receives a conviction in criminal court for a drug charge he will be ineligible for financial aid for a period of time.  To learn more about the length of financial aid disqualification check [...]

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