Graduation may finally be here for some college students.  Hopefully, post graduation plans include many employment opportunities.  It is rare these days to obtain a job without going through a criminal background check. These words will immediately invoke fear in many, many college students who may have partied too
hard or made a silly, youthful mistake that resulted in an arrest during the college years.

Almost all of my college student clients want to know what exactly is on their criminal background as result of an arrest and/or criminal case. When I handle a criminal case I am able to specifically advise a client about their criminal background records. But, I recommend any college student who has been arrested check their criminal background just like you would check your credit report.

Anyone can obtain their own criminal background history from the FBI, which has the most comprehensive database of criminal arrests, with this form. It takes about a month and only costs $18. There is also a process to correct an erroneous record on the FBI website.

Congratulations Class of 2014 and now get to work!