Dear Parent,
Your child has been charged by this University with violating the disciplinary code . . .

Depending on the nature of the disciplinary violation and the age of the college student, the school may legally notify the parents of a pending disciplinary violation.

The disclosure of these disciplinary records is governed by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). This Federal Statute states that the parents of children in grades K-12 have a right to notification and full inspection and disclosure of these educational records.  However, once a child turns 18 and begins college this right transfers to the student.

Therefore, if a college student was arrested for is  facing a disciplinary violation the parents may not be notified.  There are exceptions such as:  when a student’s health or safety are at risk and if the student is under 21 and the violation involves drugs or alcohol. Under these circumstances the University may legally notify the parents.

Of course, the student always has the right to consent to disclosure to anyone, including their parents.