The Florida Legislature is taking up the pervasive problem with these Mugshot Websites again and it looks like this time it may pass. Read about it here. I have been complaining about these Mugshot websites that obtain arrestees’ booking photos, also known as mugshots, from the jails as soon as someone is arrested and publishing them on their websites, along with their names and charges. Not only is the a great source of embarrassment for those arrested, but also many times charges are dismissed or expunged and these Mugshot websites never correct their data. Worse yet, they will not remove the photo or information unless the arrestee pays them a fee!

This time the Florida legislature is following the lead of a number of other states which have successfully curbed these websites by cutting their income stream. The proposed legislation would require these websites to remove the photos at no charge. Let’s hope this time the Florida legislature gets somewhere on this issue.

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