A Miami-Dade College Student plead guilty last week in Federal Court to One Count of Threatening to Kill the President. In February, the student posted comments on his Facebook page with threats to President Obama at an upcoming campaign stop at the local University of Miami Campus in Coral Gables, Florida. Full Article is Here.

This college student could face a sentence anywhere from probation up to 5 years in prison.  He will have a felony conviction on his record – forever.  In addition, he could face discipline at his college, Miami-Dade College,as he is a current student.  The Miami-Dade College Code of Conduct on Page 14, Paragraph 22 states, ‘any act by a student that constitutes a charge of a violation of a public law, occurring either on or off campus, may establish cause for legal and/or disciplinary action by the College.’  It would be completely up to the discretion of the College whether to charge him with such a disciplinary violation.

I posted earlier here about off-campus activity and serious university disciplinary repercussions.  That includes on the Internet and Facebook.