Last week the NFL finished up its 2013 annual draft in a time when there has been no shortage of college football players in the news for behavior off the field including arrests and suspensions.  This issue of college athlete arrests is not exclusive to football players, but every college sport experiences arrests of team members.  Policy varies widely from university to university regarding punishment for these student athletes – some receive almost no discipline while others are thrown off the team.

However, this week it seems that things may be looking up for college athletes who face arrest and disciplinary suspensions.  A scientific and statistical study of NFL draft records of these “problem” athletes (who may have arrests, criminal records and game suspensions) shows two things.  First, that college athletes with arrest records get drafted later and second, they actually tend to perform much better in the NFL. You can read about this NFL study here.

Will this study end up being good news for college athletes with arrest records resulting in being drafted earlier and getting paid more in the future?  Maybe.

photo by: piviso_com