Recently, a huge drug bust went down at the University of Alabama.  It made national news and about 61 college students were arrested in this sting operation.  You can read about it here.

Drug operations happen every day and college students get arrested for drug crimes all the time.  But, there is a big difference between an arrest for drug possession and an arrest for drug dealing (i.e. selling, distributing, etc.) especially for a college student.  Drug possession would be when the student is caught smoking a joint or with a small amount of marijuana or cocaine or pills for personal use.  A drug sale charge normally involves a larger quantity of drugs or the student is caught providing drugs to someone else in exchange for money.

In my experience, most colleges and universities don’t suspend or expel a college student for a first time drug possession arrest.  They are normally put on some form of “probation” by the school and sent to counseling, etc. However, even a college student who has never been in trouble before will likely be suspended or expelled for selling drugs – even if it was not done on campus.

College students and their parents should be aware of the serious ramifications when the college student is facing a drug sale charge because the college or university will not simply give a “slap on the wrist.”


photo by: Vacacion