College graduation time is almost upon us.  Thousands of college seniors will be graduating and looking for jobs, hopefully in their field of study. Everyone knows the reality of the job market in 2013 is still very tough and many college graduates will not be able to find a job.  With a job market that is competitive as it is, the college student will not want to have any blemishes on their background that would harm their chances in the job market. In reality if there are two equally qualified applicants for a position the one without a criminal record will get the job!  Don’t just take my word for it, but check out this article about Florida college students with criminal records and the negative impact it has on their job hunt.

This article should be a must read for ALL college students, not just graduating seniors, and their parents.  It shows how even minor arrest incidents can seriously effect a college student’s future.  I blog about this topic often because it is important and probably the most asked about issue when my college student clients are arrested. You can read my earlier blogs about college students and criminal records and pretrial diversion which discuss this topic in greater detail.  The bottom line is that any college student who is arrested should hire an attorney to help them.  The attorney fee is a very small amount of money compared to the thousands of dollars spent on a college and sometimes graduate level degree and may have a greater impact on the college student’s future.