College students on spring break from all over the country flock to downtown Miami for Ultra Music Festival. This year Ultra spans two consecutive weekends capturing most major colleges’ spring break. This DJ loaded, dance music festival also brings many college student arrests to Miami.  After just the first weekend media is reporting 84 arrests already. You can read the article here.  You can bet the vast majority of those Ultra arrests are college students.

Many arrests are for drugs, especially “Molly” or MDMA which is an amphetamine similar to  ecstasy.  In Florida possession of MDMA is a felony so any college student arrested for possessing Molly at Ultra will be arrested, brought to jail, must bail out and then most likely will have to personally appear in court in Miami at a later time.  Therefore, any college student arrested for possessing Molly should hire a lawyer to help through the process – especially since most college students at Ultra are from out of town and don’t live in Miami. Its almost impossible to deal with a felony arrest from out of state without a lawyer.


photo by: Mixtribe Photo