College Arrest 101 Blog | College Students and Miranda Rights

There has been a lot of discuss in the past few days about captured Boston Bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, not receiving his Miranda Rights pursuant to the public safety exception. This has been the subject of much debate because normally arrested suspects in the United States are read the well known Miranda Warnings before interrogation or at least that is what you would believe by watching Law & Order.  You know how it goes - "you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you . . ." Many college students (and other [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Florida Tries to Legislate Mugshot Websites

Finally! Someone in the Government wants to do something about these Mugshot websites which post the arrest mugshot of every college student arrested in Florida. Florida legislator, Carl Zimmermann, has proposed legislation that would undercut many of the problems with these mugshot websites - potentially putting them out of business. You can read discussion about the proposed legislation here and read the text of the bill here. I have long believed these websites are parasites, charging money to remove these embarrassing photos and information.  I have done legal research on the issue and even called the Florida Attorney General's office [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | College Students, Drug Dealing and University Discipline

Recently, a huge drug bust went down at the University of Alabama.  It made national news and about 61 college students were arrested in this sting operation.  You can read about it here. Drug operations happen every day and college students get arrested for drug crimes all the time.  But, there is a big difference between an arrest for drug possession and an arrest for drug dealing (i.e. selling, distributing, etc.) especially for a college student.  Drug possession would be when the student is caught smoking a joint or with a small amount of marijuana or cocaine or pills for [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Arrests at Miami Ultra Music Festival

College students on spring break from all over the country flock to downtown Miami for Ultra Music Festival. This year Ultra spans two consecutive weekends capturing most major colleges' spring break. This DJ loaded, dance music festival also brings many college student arrests to Miami.  After just the first weekend media is reporting 84 arrests already. You can read the article here.  You can bet the vast majority of those Ultra arrests are college students. Many arrests are for drugs, especially "Molly" or MDMA which is an amphetamine similar to  ecstasy.  In Florida possession of MDMA is a felony so [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Even Harvard Students Get Suspended

This month Harvard finally resolved all the student disciplinary cases resulting from the infamous exam cheating scandal of the Spring 2012 semester which the university first announced in August 2012 here. Harvard announced that approximately 140 students were suspected of cheating.  Half of this group were ultimately found in violation of the honor code and suspended (which Harvard calls "required to withdraw") for two to four semesters. One quarter of these accused students received disciplinary probation. You can read all the published details of the disciplinary sanctions here. What should other students and parents around the country learn from this [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Legalized Marijuana Still Illegal on College Campuses

As of January 1st, two new States will be legalizing marijuana smoking.  I'm sure many college students across Colorado and Washington are very happy about these newly enacted laws.  However, just because marijuana possession may be "allowed" by a State (either legalized or decriminalized), colleges and universities are apparently still banning marijuana on campus. A recent article here discusses a number of Colorado colleges addressing the marijuana legalization issue on campus.  In addition, student athletes governed by the NCAA can not use marijuana even if it is legal in their home state. See a recent article here addressing marijuana in [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Legal Risks of College Students Abusing Prescription Drugs

Times certainly have changed. I was surprised to learn that these days college students are buying and selling drugs - not to get high but to study more and get better grades.  There is an epidemic in college campuses across the country where students are illegally purchasing "study drugs" like Adderall and Ritalin which are normally prescribed for ADA or ADHD in order to achieve better grades.  It may begin as simply as a student with a legitimate prescription giving a pill or two to a friend during exam period. You can watch more on the issue here in a [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Twitter May Lead to Suspension

Colleges and Universities, like the rest of the world, are dealing with the rapid rise of social media like Twitter and Facebook.   In many cases a college student's post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter may get them in hot water and result in university discipline and sometimes even suspension.  A number of these cases have been popping up in the news recently.  See here and here. We have even posted previously how a comment of Facebook can be criminal - when the President is involved. However, there is great debate about whether a student's social media rants are [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | DREAM Act and Immigrant College Students

Today President Obama announced that U.S. Immigration would halt deportation of young illegal immigrant students (under 30 years old) who were brought to the US before age 16.  Instead, they can remain in the United States and apply for a work permit.  You can read the about the announcement here. This is the first step toward the Dream Act, immigration reform legislation which is currently pending that would give relief to the many illegal immigrant students who were brought to this country by their parents at a young age but have no way to gain legal status. Both these immigration [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Miami College Student Pleads Guilty in Federal Court to Threatening President Obama on Facebook

A Miami-Dade College Student plead guilty last week in Federal Court to One Count of Threatening to Kill the President. In February, the student posted comments on his Facebook page with threats to President Obama at an upcoming campaign stop at the local University of Miami Campus in Coral Gables, Florida. Full Article is Here. This college student could face a sentence anywhere from probation up to 5 years in prison.  He will have a felony conviction on his record - forever.  In addition, he could face discipline at his college, Miami-Dade College,as he is a current student.  The Miami-Dade [...]

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