College Arrest 101 Blog | Arrests at Miami Ultra Music Festival

College students on spring break from all over the country flock to downtown Miami for Ultra Music Festival. This year Ultra spans two consecutive weekends capturing most major colleges' spring break. This DJ loaded, dance music festival also brings many college student arrests to Miami.  After just the first weekend media is reporting 84 arrests already. You can read the article here.  You can bet the vast majority of those Ultra arrests are college students. Many arrests are for drugs, especially "Molly" or MDMA which is an amphetamine similar to  ecstasy.  In Florida possession of MDMA is a felony so [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Miami College Students Have New DUI Diversion Program

College students in Miami, Florida may be eligible to take advantage of a fairly new Driving Under the Influence (DUI) program called Back on Track (BOT). It is available only in the Miami-Dade County court system for first time DUI offenders and there are a number of criteria for eligibility and program requirements. The Back on Track program has been in existence for over and year and hundreds of people have already taken advantage of its benefits.  These benefits are particularly helpful to college students who have been arrested for DUI.  First, if a college student is eligible for this DUI [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | University of Miami ULEAD Diversion Program

For all the University of Miami students and parents out there a fairly new program is available which you should be aware.  Its called ULEAD, which stands for University Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program.  This is a joint venture of sorts between the University of Miami and the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office which will allow students charged with certain crimes (right now just marijuana and paraphernalia possession and false ID cases) to completely avoid ever being arrested or formally charged in court with a crime.  The benefits of this program are enumerable because the student's name will never be [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | How to Prepare for a College Disciplinary Hearing

Whether it be an "informal" meeting with the Dean to "discuss" the incident, or a formal conference or disciplinary hearing before an administrator or a disciplinary panel, a college should student be prepared. Many times students don't know or understand the disciplinary process and think it's "no big deal" or they have been told by another student who has gone though the process "not worry about it." Nothing could be farther from the truth.  You need to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. The first way to prepare is to read and be familiar with the college [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Legalized Marijuana Still Illegal on College Campuses

As of January 1st, two new States will be legalizing marijuana smoking.  I'm sure many college students across Colorado and Washington are very happy about these newly enacted laws.  However, just because marijuana possession may be "allowed" by a State (either legalized or decriminalized), colleges and universities are apparently still banning marijuana on campus. A recent article here discusses a number of Colorado colleges addressing the marijuana legalization issue on campus.  In addition, student athletes governed by the NCAA can not use marijuana even if it is legal in their home state. See a recent article here addressing marijuana in [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Arrests and Enlisting in the Military

In observance of Veteran's Day today we will discuss issues that college students who may want to enlist in the Military may face after an arrest.  With Military enlistment for college students and recent college graduates on the rise, this topic is even more important to consider if you are a college student with an arrest in your background. Normally, after a college student is arrested the first issue on their mind is their "record" and how the arrest and disposition (outcome) of the criminal case will effect their "record."  The best outcome you could hope for after an arrest [...]

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College Arrest Blog 101 | Mugshot Websites

Just when you college students thought that you cleaned up your online image by scrubbing your Facebook page of any inappropriate photos, etc., the Internet rears its ugly head again with Mugshot websites.  Any college student who has been arrested in the past year or so will soon learn that their face, i.e. their mugshot (the photo taken at their arrest) along with the accompanying arrest charges are all over the Internet on these new Mugshot websites. In Miami, Florida, where I practice criminal defense, this state is for some reason a hotbed for Mugshot websites.  If you were arrested [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Legal Risks of College Students Abusing Prescription Drugs

Times certainly have changed. I was surprised to learn that these days college students are buying and selling drugs - not to get high but to study more and get better grades.  There is an epidemic in college campuses across the country where students are illegally purchasing "study drugs" like Adderall and Ritalin which are normally prescribed for ADA or ADHD in order to achieve better grades.  It may begin as simply as a student with a legitimate prescription giving a pill or two to a friend during exam period. You can watch more on the issue here in a [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Parents’ Handbook to Navigate Your College Student’s Arrest | #4 Closing the Case

At some point after your college student's arrest and court litigation the case will finally be ready to close.  In every state there are a multitude of different ways a criminal case can be disposed of.  But generally a criminal case must either go to trial or settle - unless your lawyer is able to get the charges thrown out entirely.  The vast majority of cases will be settled.  In the case of a college student who is a first time offender with an alcohol or drug violation the case very likely will be eligible for a pretrial diversion or [...]

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College Arrest 101 Blog | Parent’s Handbook to Navigate Your College Student’s Arrest | #3 Important Details of the Case

Being a parent with a college student who has an open criminal case can be challenging - even more difficult when you are thousands of miles or many states away.  But, it can be easily managed and navigated as long as you know what is important to monitor and concentrate on. Probably one of the simplest and most important things to monitor is court dates.  First, your college student should be getting written (usually mailed) notification from the court regarding upcoming court dates.  Also, your attorney's office will know each and every court date and can provide them to you [...]

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