College students can be arrested for anything, but probably the most likely crimes and arrests for college students are alcohol and drug related violations.  Every year across the county thousands of students move into university dorms and residents halls.  These residential colleges see the most of substance related arrests.  For example, at the University of Miami (statistics here) and Florida International University (statistics here) these alcohol and drug arrests are by far the most prevalent.  However, at a commuter college (where students don’t reside on campus) such as Miami Dade College (statistics here) there are relatively few arrests for alcohol or drugs.

You can very easily find out what students are being arrested for or the crimes committed on your campus.  Every college or university in the country must publish annual statistics about campus crime and arrests.  This is a federally mandated law that was passed in 1990 called the Clery Act. Most universities have a link to the statistics are their website.